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  • What kind of cases does Gerard Keating Law handle?

    Civil and Criminal cases, including but not limited to DUI defense, felony defense, civil lawsuits and trials, probate estates and wills, divorce and family law, contracts and small business formations, personal injury and wrongful death.

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  • Do you have payment plans?

    Yes. Gerard Keating Law is proud to announce that we work with our clients financially as needed on an individual basis. If you think you need to set up a payment plan please contact our

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  • Do you do probate?

    Yes. Gerard Keating Law does probate work including but not limited to wills, probate, estates including summary administrations and full administrations. Gerard Keating Law is prepared to handle your probate case with competency and efficiency

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  • Do you do bankruptcies?

    No. Gerard Keating Law is prepared to refer any questions that cannot be handled by our practice to a competent and diligent attorney that can adequately address your issues. Call us today for a referral.

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  • Do you do divorces?

    Yes. Gerard Keating Law practices all areas of family law: Divorce, Alimony, Custody (Parenting Plans) Adoptions, Modifications of Divorces, and both Pre-nuptial or Post-nuptial Agreements. Gerard Keating Law knows that divorces and family issues are

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  • Do you do DUI's?

    Yes. Gerard Keating Law can not only offer you exceptional DUI defense, but for the same fee, the firm also represents you at your license suspension hearing in front of Department of Highway Safety and

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  • Do you offer free case evaluations?

    Yes. Gerard Keating Law offers internet browsers a special opportunity to speak with an attorney today about your case, free of charge. Unfortunately, this free evaluation is limited to either phone or email communications with

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  • Do you offer free initial consultations?

    No. If you need to set up a meeting in person, Gerard Keating Law will charge a nominal initial consultation fee. However, if you are unsure of your case and whether or not you need

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  • What is the difference between a case evaluation and an initial consultation?

    A case evaluation is a preliminary intake procedure that can be done on the phone or through email. This is a free service that our law office offers to you, the potential client. The free

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